Whether you are using cannabis for recreational purposes or medical purposes, you will experience different stages or levels of being high. If you want to buy cannabis for your medical condition, you first need to get a medical marijuana card. This recommendation card allows you to buy medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary. With simple 420 evaluations online, you can get this recommendation card.

Now, consuming cannabis can offer you relaxation and joy, especially if you are smoking the herb with your friends. It can also help in relieving all the stress you have. And while you are smoking your herb, get familiar with different stages of experiencing the effects of cannabis. And it does not matter if you are smoking cannabis for the first time or have plenty of experience with yoit, you will still have to go through these different stages of being high. So, let’s not waste time and get into this.

1. You Have Been Hit by it
This is the first stage that comes right after you take a few puffs of your joint. Or take a hit or two off the bong (while you are trying not to cough). 5 minutes ago you were absolutely normal, thinking about normal things, and now you are having random thoughts. At this stage, you experience physical sensations and feel a sense of tranquility. THC in cannabis is now settling into the CB1 receptors, and now it’s like you are in a blue dream. So basically, you start feeling the effects of cannabis suddenly, within 5 minutes. Although, you can complete your typical tasks well.

2. Euphoria or High
Okay, peeps, it’s here. This is the stage where you actually feel the real magic of cannabis. In simple words, you get high. This stage comes after you have smoked around 2 joints. This is a stage of euphoria, in which you lean towards your friend with a smile and say, “dude, I think I’m high.” Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. And then there’s an eruption of laughter on even the worst jokes. This laughter can last longer than it should and can erupt when there’s not even a joke. You slowly start to melt into the couch, and will not want to move an inch (only if you could).

3. Deep Contemplation
Now, after reaching the euphoria stage, you enter stage 3 in which you become aware of everything, even the tiniest of the things. This is the stage of deep contemplation, where your thoughts run wild, really wild. These are more than just random thoughts, you may consider things that you will never do while being sober. You start analyzing things and figuring out the complexity of this matrix that we call the world. You tend to start deep conversations with your friends and have far-out thoughts.

Just play “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd in the background and enjoy your high. You can add any of your favorite songs to the list. Or you can watch a movie while you are at this stage. Also, ready for the next stage?

4. Paranoia
Well, this is the stage no one likes. This is when you start feeling a bit anxious, well more than ‘just a bit’. It’s time to stay confused, feel anxious and panic. You will start panicking even over small things, such as running out of snacks. You might even start thinking that you are going to die of overdosing cannabis, especially if you are a beginner. But no, you are not going to die, at least not because of cannabis overdose. The world becomes a scary place for you during stage 4, and you just wish that you soon get over it.

5. It’s All Fading Away
Here we are, at the final stage! After being high, eating snacks, listening to songs, and doing nothing, now it’s time to sleep. You feel drained, even when you have not done any physical activity. But, you still will be feeling happen and content as you released all the stress. So, fall to your bed and sleep well, and be more productive the next day.

So, these are the different stages of being high. But, before you decide to smoke your herb, be aware of your sensitivity to it, and how it impacts you. Also, if you are using it for medical purposes, keep the dosage in your mind.