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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card In Flushing, NY from our state registered licensed doctors via an easy and hassle-free process

      Fill A Pre-Qualification Form

      Begin by signing up with us and fill a form. Enter all the details carefully and provide us with important state-identification documents and your medical records for a thorough evaluation process.


      Talk to one of our certified doctors via a video call and get evaluated for a state-qualifying medical condition. Our doctors will verify your medical records and decide whether or not you qualify for a New York Medical Marijuana Program.

      Receive Evaluation

      If you qualify you will receive a physician’s copy of the recommendation via email within minutes. You can download the copy from the comfort of your home. Soon after receiving a physician’s approval you also need to get yourself registered under the New York MMJ program to receive your patient ID.

      Choose Us Because Your New York Physician Approved Evaluation Includes

      With several years of experience in the marijuana industry, we provide evaluations to our patients that help the patients buy quality products from state-licensed dispensaries.

      One-Year Certification

      If you sign up with us you will receive a New York medical marijuana card from licensed and state-registered physicians for full one year. The card is only valid for one year from the date of issuance and you can get cannabis using that card from New York licensed dispensaries.

      Health Information Safety

      The health information provided by our patients is secured under the HIPAA Compliance laws. This means that your data will be stored on a private platform only accessible to you and your medical information will not be disclosed until your prior consent.

      Same Day Cannabis

      Soon after receiving your medical marijuana patients’ card from doctors registered under the New York medical marijuana program, you will be able to access cannabis the same day. You can walk up to a dispensary or simply get the products delivered to your home.

      E-Copy Of The Physician’s Evaluation

      Only after the doctor’s approval, you will receive a recommendation. You can use the same recommendation and your state identification card to get registered under the New York Medical Marijuana Program. A copy of the physician’s approval will be sent to you on your email address immediately after approval.



      In order to provide quick and easy evaluations, we have streamlined our process of telecommunication. Our team is available six days a week through chat and phone calls. You can ask them questions and also contact our doctors for continuous care and MMJ card renewal services.

      Cannabis Rules In Flushing, NY

      Governor Cuomo signed s7932 and it became law in July 2014. The law is also known by the name of the Compassionate Care Act. Under this act, a New York resident can get medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries after registering under a state medical marijuana program. Although, it has to be kept in mind that laws in New York are a bit sterner than the marijuana laws in other states. Most states in the US allow patients to get cannabis as soon as they receive a recommendation but in new York besides getting a recommendation from a State-registered doctor, you also have to enroll yourself in the medical marijuana program. Only after full approval, you will be allowed to use, possess, and purchase cannabis from state-authorized dispensaries. In addition to this, the doctors that help you provide recommendations have to educate themselves on New York marijuana laws and how cannabis works for specific medical conditions. For the same, the doctor or physician has to take educational classes by completing a course. After completion of the course, the doctor can provide patients with medical marijuana evaluations. The recommendation is very similar to a prescription and it contains the dosing guide, type of medical cannabis product, and details about the state-qualified medical condition.

      Possession, Cultivation Rules

      Unlike marijuana rules in other states, the laws in New York are strict and different. This is to say that medical marijuana patients in the Flushing neighborhood of New York City have to follow and abide by those rules. The rules have been clearly stated under the Compassionate Care Act and it requires the MMJ patient to seek lawful advice from an expert before planning to possess and cultivate medical marijuana. Also, the possession limits are not as clear as they are in other states. Ideally, the possession limits are up to the health physician. In other words, you can possess a limit as suggested by your doctor in your recommendation letter. The state law also clarifies that patients and caregivers can stock up to a 30 day supply for medicinal use. As far as cultivation is concerned, no patients or locals in New York are allowed to cultivate cannabis. The same is punishable by law and the offender will be charged with a fine if found guilty for the first time. The fine exceeds with an increase in the offense. So, make sure you keep the possession and cultivation rules in mind before registering yourself under a medical marijuana program in New York.

      Benefits Of Getting A Medical Marijuana Card in Flushing, NY

      Make a smart choice and save money by getting an MMJ patient ID from a medical marijuana program.
      Here are the benefits a medical marijuana cardholder and a patient caregiver receives by registering under a medical marijuana program:

      Designated Caregiver

      A registered and approved state medical marijuana cardholder can designate one or even two caregivers. The role of a caregiver is to provide the patient with medical cannabis assistance. Also, a designated caregiver must be 21 years of age or older in order to get medical cannabis on behalf of the patient. There is only one exception, patients under the age of 21 and in need of medical marijuana can also designate a patient caregiver.

      Increased Access To Dispensaries

      MMJ cardholders in Flushing, New York get access to a wide range of dispensaries and also an increased variety of marijuana products. Not only this but state-registered dispensaries also provide patients with high-quality cannabis strains and other products. Also, you have to take note that these products can only be accessed by individuals who have a medical marijuana card. And a cardholder is allowed to purchase products only from licensed dispensaries.

      Legal Security

      Get a medical marijuana card and experience peace of mind. This is to say that with the help of an MMJ recommendation you can buy marijuana legally. For the same, you have to buy products only from state-licensed dispensaries. A patient can also consume cand possess cannabis without worrying about the legalities associated with marijuana laws. However, public consumption is prohibited.

      Age Limits

      A 21-year-old adult registered under a medical marijuana program in New York is allowed to consume and possess cannabis. The age limit varies across states in the U.S. but New York marijuana laws allow a patient under the legal age to access cannabis through a patient caregiver. The designated caregiver can get marijuana on behalf of the patient using the medical cannabis card of the same patient.

      How To Renew Your Marijuana Card?

      A medical marijuana card is valid for one year from the date of issuance. You can renew your registered ID or your card from a licensed health physician. Although, you will receive notification days before the expiration date so that you can plan the renewal accordingly. Ensure that you start the renewal process, a few days before the certification expires. This will help you avoid any lapse in coverage because renewal will take time and it is not an instant process. Also, take note that some certifications are shorter than a period of one year. So, make sure you renew your registry under the medical marijuana program accordingly. Although in most cases the renewal will take place after one year of the certification is over. In addition to this, if you have a caregiver, they will not be able to get a renewal until you renew your registered ID. This is to say that patients with caregivers have to set an appointment, weeks before the due date. This way your caregiver will also have enough time to go through the renewal process. And the good news is that we can help you get a state registered renewed ID via an easy and hassle-free process. All you have to do is get in touch with our medical staff and then with the help of your registration number you can start the renewal process.

      How To Talk To Our Doctors?

      While getting an evaluation from the licensed team of our doctors you have to be completely thorough and transparent. Be honest about your medical condition and honestly discuss all the details. Do not leave out any details as it can hinder your process of evaluation. Talk to the doctor with complete transparency and share even the tiniest detail. For the same, you can also provide us with your medical records. Also, take your doctor’s opinion very seriously. You can put extreme faith in our certified team of doctors because they have extensive experience in providing medical marijuana services to patients. When in doubt, ask questions. Our doctors will listen to all your questions carefully and help you navigate through the dosage guide, and choice of cannabis products. Most vitally, learn when to take a second opinion. If you are not happy with our services you can take a second opinion. However, do not rush and get comfortable with the doctor first. Be open about your thoughts, discuss it with the doctor, and let the doctor complete the evaluation before you jump to conclusions. Also, take note that we only charge after you get approved for medical marijuana use. If not approved, we will not charge you any consultation fee.

      Our Mission

      To provide patients with the best health care services, educate them on medical marijuana use, and provide them with quick and hassle-free medical marijuana evaluations.

      Our Vision

      Realizing the full potential of medical marijuana use we as a team of doctors work hard to bridge the gap between patients and the medical marijuana community.

      Consult With Our Doctors Today And Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

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      What Should I Do Now That I Have My Card?

      Congratulations on becoming a registered New York Medical Marijuana Card Holder. Now, you can purchase high-quality products from state-authorized dispensaries. You can either order products from an online dispensary or visit a dispensary.

      What Do Our Patients Say About Us

      Lucy Alvares

      “I got my recommendation very easily and I am thankful to the medical staff and doctors of the clinic. They helped me fill the form and the face-to-face consultation with the doctor was extremely comfortable. ”

      Anna Smith

      ” The doctor and the rest of the staff of this clinic are really helpful. I received my recommendation within minutes without any hassle. I would also like to thank the doctor who helped me understand the medicinal use of cannabis for my medical condition. ”

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I get a medical marijuana card in New York?2020-05-09T07:47:29+00:00

      Marijuana laws in New York are sterner than the laws in any other state. Unfortunately, only patients with serious and state qualifying conditions will receive a medical marijuana recommendation. In addition, patients with chronic pain conditions also qualify to register under the state program. And to get a medical marijuana card you have to first sign up, fill a medical form, talk to licensed doctors, and you will receive a copy of the recommendation via email. But after receiving the recommendation you also have to register yourself as an MMJ patient under a medical marijuana program. Soon after registration, you will get a temporary copy of the state ID card and the original copy will be posted to you within 3-10 business days. Meanwhile, you can use the temporary MMJ card to get cannabis products from state-registered dispensaries.

      What are the qualifying conditions for marijuana use in New York?2020-05-09T07:48:01+00:00

      To qualify for the medical marijuana program in New York, a patient must have a life-threatening or serious medical condition. Those conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, Chronic Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Neuropathy, PTSD, Spinal Injury, and Inflammatory Bowel disease. Also, medical marijuana recommendations can be prescribed to patients who use opioids, have severe chronic pain, seizures, and Cachexia.

      How can I find state-licensed doctors?2020-05-09T07:48:42+00:00

      Ideally, doctors who want to provide their patients with medical cannabis care have to first take educational classes on state marijuana laws. Only after completion of the course, they can provide patients with face-to-face consultations. The evaluation or the recommendation is very similar to a prescription provided by the doctor. It includes details about the patient’s medical condition, dosing guide, and type of product. Our doctors are certified and well-qualified to provide evaluations. You can get yours from our doctors.

      What documents do I need to submit?2020-05-09T07:49:14+00:00

      You have to provide a state identification card and residence proof. A New York driver’s license, U.S. passport, and an ID can serve as proof of identification. You also need to provide your medical records for the doctors to evaluate your medical condition thoroughly.

      Are out-of-state MMJ cards valid in New York?2020-05-09T07:49:51+00:00

      If you are visiting New York for a few days, you can register as a temporary patient under the MMJ program. However, a card from a different state will not be valid in New York.

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